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All about flatbacks: Our top tips

Hey there, earring enthusiasts! Want to know why flat back earrings are the absolute best and why you need them in your life? Let me spill the tea:

  1.  😴 First things first, comfort is key! Picture this: you can wear flat back earrings 24/7, no need to take them off when you sleep or hop in the shower. It's all about convenience and keeping those stylish vibes on around the clock
  2. ⚕️ Got sensitive skin? No problemo! Our flat backs are made with 18k gold-plated sterling silver, so you can say goodbye to those irritating reactions. 

  3. 👉 And the best part – no more poking! Our signature flat backs mean no more accidental stabs! Safety first, right? Enjoy a poke-free experience and rock those earrings like a pro!


Our top flatback tips

Flat Back Tip #1: Prepare with a Regular Stud

Before diving into flat back earrings, it's a great idea to prep your ear by wearing a regular stud for a few hours. This little trick will help keep the piercing hole open and ready for the new flat back earring.

Flat Back Tip #2: Make the Most of Your Hot Shower

Timing is everything! For an easier insertion process, try putting in the new flat back earring right after a hot shower. The warm water makes your skin more pliable, allowing the earring to glide in with greater ease.

Flat Back Tip #3: Vaseline to the Rescue

 Applying a small amount of Vaseline or a similar product around the piercing and on the flat back will help it slide smoothly into your ear. No more fumbling around!

Flat Back Tip #4: Use an insertion tool

If you need some extra help, you can pick up a labret insertion tool pretty cheaply on Amazon to help you guide in the back post. From there you just screw on the front charm and you're done!

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There you have it – our top tips for mastering flat back earrings with ease. We can't wait to see you shine with your fabulous new earrings!

Happy styling! 💎😍


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