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2022 Trend: Ear Curation

You might have seen this trend popping up on your socials or Pinterest, but in case you didn't know, ear curation, ear stacking, ear styling or what every you want...

You might have seen this trend popping up on your socials or Pinterest, but in case you didn't know, ear curation, ear stacking, ear styling or what every you want to call it is the biggest jewelry trend for 2022. 

So what exactly is ear curation?

The curated ear is ear piercing to the max.  It is a kind of art that consists of many piercings all over the ear in unique arrangements that are unique to each individual. Also, and most importantly, each ear is unique. The idea is to let you personality and style shine through your earrings. 

Ear Piercing inspiration 

But how exactly can you curate your ear? There are no hard and fast rules, however there are several basic themes that are especially popular. Here are the 4 styles Smoothie London likes best...

The Ear Constellation

According to Astrid & Miyu's head piercer Sam Hayler, "constellation piercings are a group of multiple piercings that are placed to create unique patterns and stacks on your ear. These are referred to as constellations, as they look like star constellations in the sky." 
ear curation, ear stacking, ear styling
When it comes to constellation piercings, both placement and jewellery selection are essential. Constellation piercings are specifically designed for the unique jewellery and look; they may not work if the jewellery is drastically changed in style. Because the arrangement is so particular, a staggered, wavy lobe constellation may appear messy if the jewellery was changed to rings.
ear constellation, ear curation, multiple ear piercings
If this is the kind of look you're after, make sure you do your research thoroughly and go to a reputable piercer. The skill of the piercer will have a big effect on your end look. 

The Triple Lobe Piercing

This one is pretty self explainatory, it's 3 piercings stacked next to each other on the lobe. It's a reasonably simple way to get the curated ear look without full cartilage piercings. They look particularly cute with charm huggie hoops.
Have a look at our favourite triple lobe piercing ideas:
triple lobe piercing, stacked lobe piercings, ear curation

The Stacked Lobe Piercing 

One step up from the triple lobe, this involves stacking as many piercings as you can on your lobe, and even going up the cartilage for a gradient effect. 
This style just sees piercings up the entire edge of the ear with even spacing, opt for either all studs or all huggie hoops for a cohesive look.
ear curation, stacked lobe piercings, triple lobe

The cuff

The cuff is a perfect complement to ears with just a few lobe piercings and provides an extra edge to simpler curations, making it ideal for people who want to experiment but aren't ready to commit yet. It attaches at the ear's edge (which is supple enough to be comfortable).
See our ear cuff inspiration:
ear cuff, ear styling, ear curation, ear stacking

Celebrity ear curations

And of course we couldn't finsih this article without rounding up our favourite celebrity ear stacks and piercings for some extra inspiration!
Kaia Gerber
Kaia gerber piercings, celebrity piercings
Dua Lipa
dua lipa piercings, celeb piercings
Zoe Kravitz
ce;ebrity ear piercings, zoe kravitz piericngs


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