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What (5) Metals Turn Skin Green and how to avoid them

It's a well-known story: you buy the perfect piece of jewellery, and after wearing it a few times, you notice a green film on your skin. This is actually the...

Have you ever worn jewellery that caused your skin to turn green? Do you have any idea why this happens? It's a response that occurs as a result of the metal content in your jewellery. Luckily none of our jewelry is made from materials that will turn green but I'm sure you'd still like to know why. 

It's a well-known story: you buy the perfect piece of jewellery, and after wearing it a few times, you notice a green film on your skin. This is actually the very reason I started Smoothie London in the first place, I was so frustrated with wasting lots of money in this cycle. 

So, what metals cause skin to become green, and how can you stay away from them?

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1- Copper

Copper is one of the most frequent metals that can colour your skin green. In damp or humid environments, this metal oxidises to copper oxide, which causes skin to turn green. Copper tarnishes quickly, causing skin discolouration, depending on the amount of copper used.

This is why if you sweat and you are wearing jewelry with copper, your skin will likely turn green due to the acid salts in sweat which react with the metal. 

2 -Nickel

Nickel is a common metal allergy among persons who have sensitive skin, It also leaves a green tint on your skin. However, you may encounter skin discoloration as well as inflammation.

We always advise customers to avoid nickel-based jewellery since it can trigger allergic responses.


3 & 4 - Brass & Bronze

Despite their low cost, copper alloy jewellery, such as bronze and brass jewellery, is known to colour skin green.

Copper and tin are used in bronze jewellery, whereas copper and zinc are used in brass jewellery.

The copper in the metals reacts with body lotions, fragrances, and excessive sweat on your body, oxidising and changing the hue.


The other reason your jewelry turns green - Your body's reaction

The pH level of your body is another major reason why jewellery metals make your skin green. The faster the item of jewellery turns your skin green, the higher the level of acidity on your body. The acid salts react with the metal content in your jewellery, causing it to oxidise and produce the green hue on your skin, depending on the type of metal content.

Another reason could be if you have iron definiency. When you have low iron levels in your body, its pH level becomes more acidic. The same can be true for pregnant women!


Metals that don't turn your skin green

With all metals there is a risk of tarnishing depending on your body (yes even solid gold contratry to popular belief) but 99% of the time, the below metals will not cause a reaction:

1- Stainless Steel

2 - Sterling Silver 

3- Hypoallergenic metals 

Some hypoallergenic jewelry metals include high karat gold, platinum, titanium, niobium, palladium, and tungsten carbide, among many others.


To sum it all up

All our jewelry is gold-plated 925 sterling silver or gold-plated stainless steel so no need to worry there. But it's always best to check make sure you check the composition before you buy jewelry (and rember that price isn't always an indication of quality!). 

You can shop our tarnish-proof jewelry here.



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