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Jewellery Metals Explained

Ok so do you ever feel a bit lost as to what jewellery to buy, as some always seem to turn green and tarnish or maybe others irritate your skin? ...

Ok so do you ever feel a bit lost as to what jewellery to buy, as some always seem to turn green and tarnish or maybe others irritate your skin? 
We know it's confusing but being a jewellery comapny we know a thing or two about the materials they're made out of so let us break it down for you:
 which jewellery metals materials
Name: Solid Gold & Silver
These metals are well known as being the highest quality jewellery materials, due to their pure colours and non-tarnishing qualities. We love them for investment non-trendy pieces we will wear for years to come. 
Price: $$$$$
Durability: 💧💧💧💧💧
Hypoallergenic? Yes.
Best for: Investment Pieces 
 which jewellery metals materials
Name: Gold & Silver Plating
Luxury without the price tag. Gold-plated and Silver-plated jewellery are really popular, especially in earrings and rings as they are durable and tend to be good for sensitive skin. Good-quality gold plating should last for a long time when cared for well. Our advice is to limit exposure to water and chemicals such as perfume to prolong their life. 
Price: $$$
Durability: 💧💧💧💧
Hypoallergenic? Yes, until plating wears off.
Best for: Everyday jewellery
 which jewellery metals materials
Name: 925 Sterling Silver
Sterling silver is a great choice for everyday jewellery, as it is suitable for sensitive skin and wears very well. It will usually be pricier than other jewellery but can be a good investment, especially for earrings. While Sterling Silver is normally (you guessed it) silver in colour, it can come gold-plated too. 
Price: $$$
Durability: 💧💧💧💧💧
Hypoallergenic? Yes, very few people react to Sterling Silver.
Best for: Everyday jewellery you wear a lot. 
 which jewellery metals materials
Name: Stainless Steel
Stainless steel had been a pretty underrated jewellery material until recent years. It's a great option for day to day jewellery as it doesn't tarnish, keeps it's colour over time and is affordable. To keep your stainless steel pieces in their best shape, clean them semi-regularly to keep the colour sparkling. It's very practical, especially for the likes of necklaces, anklets and rings.
Price: $$
Durability: 💧💧💧💧💧
Hypoallergenic? For the most part yes, unless you have extremely sensitive skin.
Best for:
 which jewellery metals materials
Name: Brass
Brass is the metal most trendy, inexpensive jewellery is made out of. It is usually made from a combination of zinc and copper, which can make it turn your skin green (but not always!). While we tend to avoid brass jewellery, it does have it's place if you want some fun jewels that don't need to last very long. 
Price: $
Durability: 💧
Hypoallergenic? No. Brass can turn your skin green and irritate sensitive skin.
Best for: Fun jewellery you only plan on wearing a few times.


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