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Here's the best jewellery for your hair colour

Of course everyone can wear whichever and whatever colours they like (spot team Smoothie wearing all the colours under the rainbow on a daily basis) but if you're looking to invest in a set, you might want to consider which colours look best with your hair tone.

We've styled so many models with different hair colours and have curated the best (in our opinion) gemstones to make your hair colour pop!


1. Blonde

Bright Blonde

The best earring colour to make a bright blone stand out (and give off serious mermaid goddess vibes) is aqua blue or turquoise. 

best jewelry colour for blondes

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Aqua/gold ear party set | Aqua silver amalfi drops

Another beautiful option is diamante crystals, they look really vibrant against platinum hair and make for an elegant stack.

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Eye of the beholder huggies | Lightning stud gold | Lightning stud silver | Amalfi drops white/gold

Dirty Blonde

A beautiful colour on dirty blondes is pink... in whatever shade you choose! Baby pink for a girly, feminine look and dark raspberry pink for a statement pop of colour. 

best jewelry colour for dirty blonde

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Raspberry lucky charms | Pink ear party set

2. Brunette

Light Brunette

For light borwn hair, we think navy or sapphire blue perfectly complements it. Explore our blue earrings below!

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Sheherazade hoops | Midnight sky ear party set

 For a brighter injection of colour, try out lilac hues. They look stunning against brown hair and are just different enough to add some personality. 

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Silver lilac amalfi drops | Lilac ear partyLa dolce vita huggies | Lilac donatella huggies

Dark Bunette

For chestnut brown hair, green is your go-to. Name a better combination, we'll wait. Choose either light periot shades or emerald hues for an enviable ear stack. 

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Dainty drops peridot | Green ear party set | Green lucky charms

If neutrals are more your thing, black/gold looks very dramatic against dark brown hair. 

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Black Donatella Huggies | Black Ear Party Set

3. Black

To go complete princess Jasmine vibes, we can think of no better combo than gold and turquoise. Luckily we have lots of designs in this colourway to pick from!

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Dainty drops aqua | Jasmine flower ear party set | Azure stud | Turquoise sahara set

For black hair, opt for bright contrast with white crystals (we think gold looks fab but opt for silver if that's your metal of choice!).

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North Star huggies | White/Gold ear party | White/Gold lucky charms

4. Redhead

And finally for gingers and redheads, we think multicolour rainbows look stunning! The combination of warm hues perfectly accentuates red hair.

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Rainbow energy huggies | Rainbow moon huggies | Positano hoops